Why Sharpist works

Our platform offers a holistic approach to growth and development. We provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to help employees reach their full potential.

Digital coaching tailored to your goals

Customise learning and development plans to suit your organisation’s specific needs, like leadership development, digital transformation, and talent retention.

Access to leading e-learning databases

Complete personalised micro tasks in the Sharpist app utilising top e-learning content from partners like MIT and Blinkist.

Data-driven outcomes for clear ROI

Measure progress and engagement across your organisation through a custom analytics dashboard tailored to your goals, all from your desktop.

Instant organisation-wide activation

Instantly launch at scale to 100s of employees within 24 hours, with minimal HR effort and 24/7 on-call support

500+ leading ICF certified coaches

Personal digital coaching from 500+ of the world's leading coaches, all certified by the International Coaching Federation